What are the Minimum and Maximum Trading Days?

The Funded Kings Funded Account Challenges has a minimum number of Trading Days that are required to progress. To meet these criteria, you must trade for at least 5 days throughout both stages of the challenge.


What Do You Consider a Trading Day?


A Trading Day is defined as a day where at least one trade was executed. In cases where that trade is held over several days, the only day that will be considered a “Trading Day” is the day the position was opened.


What is the Maximum Trading Period?


At Funded Kings, our Funded Account Challenges have no restrictions or time limits to complete our challenges, this allows our traders to pursue the journey to becoming a Funded Trader at their own pace.


How It Works

What are the Challenge Profit Targets?


Profit Targets are the benchmark requirements that our traders need to attain to reach to proceed to the next phase of our Funded Account Challenges. Funded Kings believes in setting realistic and attainable Profit Targets for our challenges. Our Profit Targets are set as follows:


  • Profit Target 8% – Phase 1 (Evaluation Stage).
  • Profit Target 5%– Phase 2 (Verification Stage).


An example of our Profit Target would be:


If a trader purchased a $100,000 Account Balance, the Profit Targets for Phase 1 and Phase 2 would be as follows:


  • Phase 1 (Evaluation Stage) – Profit Target $8,000 (8% of $100,000).
  • Phase 2 – (Verification Stage) – Profit Target $5,000 (5% of $100,000).


A trader who fails to attain the Profit Targets stipulated in either the Evaluation or Verification Stage respectively, will lead to the automatic failure of the Funded Challenge Account due to the violation of the Profit Target criteria.

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